Amicable Divorce: A New Trend or An Oxymoron?

Posted on July 27th, 2010 No Comments

In author Lisa Belkins’ blog for The New York Times, she explores the idea of an amicable divorce. The friendly divorce is defined by, being a divorce “in which agreements are reached in a mediator’s office, or through “collaboration” with a lawyer and maybe a therapist and financial adviser, rather than in a courtroom,” writes Belkins.

Mediation is growing in popularity. Belkins writes that not everyone wants to hate each other after their divorce. Some are concerned that, if there is a possibility to remain friends and stay friendly after a divorce, then there is a possibility to stay in the marriage. With divorce rates rising, it is encouraging to know that people have options, depending on their own personal situation.

If you are exploring your options and want to consider an amicable end to your relationship, contact the Conroe Collaborative Law Attorneys at Garg & Associates, PC, by dialing 281-362-2865 today.

Tuesday's Execution will be 15th in Texas This Year

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Derrick Jackson will be the 15th person put to death in Texas this year. He was convicted of killing opera singers Forrest Henderson and Richard Alan Wrotenbery. Wrotenbery, recently divorced, was living with Henderson until he could find a place of his own. Henderson went out to a gay bar in montrose and picked up the wrong guy.

He brought home Jackson for a night no one could predict. Police say the scene they discovered at Henderson’s apartment was brutal and bloody. A bloody hand print linked Jackson to the murders, just when police were giving up on ever finding the killer. Jackson, who had evaded police on several instances, was not difficult to track down because he was already serving 12 years for aggravated robbery.

Jackson maintains his innocence in the wake of his death.

Fugitives in Custody for 1994 Murder

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KTRK reports that the Harris County District Attorney announced the arrests of 33-year-old Juan Carlos Tejada and 35-year-old Jorge Tejada Magdaleno. The two were wanted for the fatal beating and stabbing of a teenager in Houston.

According to KTRK, “Houston Police officers reported that on November 18, 1994, about six gang members emerged from a van and attacked Juan Esparza, 17, as he walked in the 4400 block of Sherwood. He died at Ben Taub Hospital after being beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed during the assault.”

Both men are alleged to be assailants and disappeared for years. Houston Police said they used different names to get drivers licenses. That information actually was helpful to investigators in finally locating the suspects.

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Over $500,000 Donated to Arizona to Preserve Immigration Law

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Since Tuesday, donations have been pouring in to the state of Arizona to help defend their recent change in immigration enforcement. Tuesday marks the day the  federal government sued the state, saying that immigration is a federal issue.

The Arizona law says that, in their enforcement of any law, police officers are expected to investigate an individual’s immigration status, provided they have “reasonable suspicion.”

Individuals across the fifty states donated on average between $10 and $100 to the cause, mainly via the internet. According to MSNBC, “The Associated Press examined about one fourth of the 9,057 contributions and found that just two of them were from businesses.”

Critics think the law encourages racial profiling, while supporters think it will force the federal government to focus on securing the nation’s borders.

If you or someone you know need help with immigration status, call the Conroe and Spring immigration attorneys at Garg & Associates, PC, by dialing 281-362-2865.




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