Supreme Court rules against Anna Nicole Smith’s estate in probate battle

Posted on June 27th, 2011 No Comments

Chief Justice John G. Roberts recently made a ruling in the Supreme Court which finally put an end to the long battle between Anna Nicole Smith and Pierce Marshall over J. Howard Marshall’s will.

The litigation began in 1995 when J. Howard Marshall died and left Anna Nicole Smith nothing in his will. Smith sued Marshall’s son, Pierce Marshall, in a Texas probate court claiming that he cheated her out of $300 million. The court ruled against Smith and left all of J. Howard Marshall’s assets to his son. Later, Smith again sued Pierce Marshall in a California bankruptcy court. This time, the court ruled in Smith’s favor and awarded $400 million.

Now, the Supreme Court ruled that the California bankruptcy court did not have jurisdiction in this matter and that the Texas probate court’s decision would be upheld. Chief Justice Roberts expressed pity for the situation, as this probate battle outlived the people who were involved in it.

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Houston man arrested for possessing 88 pounds of marijuana

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A 46-year-old man from Houston was recently arrested by police in Louisiana after they discovered that he had 88 pounds of marijuana in his possession.

The man was pulled over on Interstate 10 in Lake Charles, LA, at around 8 a.m. on Friday by an officer with the Combined Anti-drug Task Force, who was performing routine traffic stops on several vehicles in the area. The officer smelled marijuana coming from the man’s SUV, and, after the man agreed to let the officer search is vehicle, 88 pounds of marijuana was found.

The man was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to sell. He is currently being held in Calcasieu Correctional Center on a $30,000 bond.

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Couple hoping to adopt baby in legal battle with CPS

Posted on June 14th, 2011 No Comments

A couple from Houston is currently engaged in a legal battle with Child Protective Services after they were given a 6-day-old baby boy to adopt before he was taken away from them by the group.

The boy was taken by CPS when he was born because he was found to have cocaine in his system. When the boy was 6 days old, CPS allowed him to live with the couple during a trial period before they could adopt him. Because the baby had siblings living with adoptive parents in Killeen, the couple asked CPS if they could contact the family so that the baby would have a chance to know his siblings. CPS refused to give them the information and said that the baby could stay with the couple. Shortly after, CPS took the child away from the couple, saying that he should live with his siblings in Killeen.

The couple’s attorneys has stated that CPS flip-flopped on their own policy by allowing the couple to take the baby, only to then take him away from them. The couple is now fighting for their right to adopt the baby.

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Houston woman starts post-divorce dating club

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A woman in Houston recently created a website that will help divorced women and men get back into the dating scene. So far, the site has only been launched in Texas, but it will launch in July for people nationwide.

The website, called, will incorporate online and offline experiences so that newly single daters can feel comfortable with the idea of dating someone new after a painful divorce. Online, members of the club will be able to meet members of the opposite sex, and the website will also feature online seminars to teach tips on dating. The offline portion of the club will include speed dating and socials.

The woman who started the club has been married three times and decided to start the club in order to utilize her own experiences to help others.

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Posted on June 1st, 2011 No Comments

The family of a 23-year-old woman who was shot in the head by her husband recently created a website that is intended to raise awareness of domestic violence and raise money for children who have parents that have died because of domestic violence.

Heather Jesk had just moved to Chicago with her two young children and husband, who had recently returned from serving in Iraq, when the family suddenly turned volatile. Heather’s family noticed that her husband began verbally abusing her. Shortly after the verbal abuse began, Heather’s husband began physically abusing her and killed her by shooting her in the head. was created to help children like Heather’s who have endured domestic violence. Heather’s family hopes that the website will also decrease the number of domestic violence deaths that occur every year.

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