Millionaire’s adoption of girlfriend challenged by his children

Posted on February 16th, 2012 No Comments

The Houston millionaire who made headlines nationwide after he adopted his girlfriend for financial protection is being challenged by his teenage children.

The man is facing criminal charges of drunk driving and killing a 23 year-old man in Florida two years ago. He is being sued for wrongful death by the deceased’s family and, if he loses, he could be dealt a major financial blow. His 42 year-old girlfriend, legally considered his daughter as of October, is now entitled to his biological children’s $300+ million trust fund.

The children are challenging the adoption, claiming their father never told the judge he was being sued.

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Mother searches for stolen daughter adopted by US couple

Posted on August 8th, 2011 No Comments

A mother in Guatemala City has received an unprecedented Guatemalan court order demanding for the return of her stolen child who was later adopted by an American family. The woman says she was returning home with her three children when she felt someone tug on her then-2 year-old daughter’s arm. She says a woman dragged her daughter away and into a waiting taxi.

However, experts on international adoption say that the United States has never carried out a foreign court order for the return of an adopted child to its country of origin. Guatemalan advocates for this case say that the US is obligated under international law to return children subjected to human trafficking or irregular adoptions that occurred within five years. Court records show the girl left Guatemala in 2008. The family is suspected to not have known the child was kidnapped when the adoption took place.

Couple hoping to adopt baby in legal battle with CPS

Posted on June 14th, 2011 No Comments

A couple from Houston is currently engaged in a legal battle with Child Protective Services after they were given a 6-day-old baby boy to adopt before he was taken away from them by the group.

The boy was taken by CPS when he was born because he was found to have cocaine in his system. When the boy was 6 days old, CPS allowed him to live with the couple during a trial period before they could adopt him. Because the baby had siblings living with adoptive parents in Killeen, the couple asked CPS if they could contact the family so that the baby would have a chance to know his siblings. CPS refused to give them the information and said that the baby could stay with the couple. Shortly after, CPS took the child away from the couple, saying that he should live with his siblings in Killeen.

The couple’s attorneys has stated that CPS flip-flopped on their own policy by allowing the couple to take the baby, only to then take him away from them. The couple is now fighting for their right to adopt the baby.

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Parents Lose Adopted Son to Biological Father

Posted on March 23rd, 2011 No Comments

Two parents in Indiana have lost their 3 year-old adopted son to his biological father in a case that was ruled over by Ohio’s Supreme Court.

The two parents adopted the boy when he was a baby because the baby’s mother felt that she was not able to take care of him. Shortly after his birth, the baby’s father asked for a paternity test, which did prove that he was the boy’s biological father. Since that time, the biological father has been fighting for custody of his son in several court cases. In a final ruling by Ohio’s Supreme Court, it was decided that the father will have custody of the now 3 year-old boy and the adoption will be nulled. The father is suing the adopted parents, as well as the adoption agency from which they adopted the boy, for $400,000.

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