Study suggests boys more affected by parents’ divorce than girls

Posted on January 26th, 2011 No Comments

A new study from the University of Toronto looks at certain effects that a divorce may have on children as they grow up. The study looked at groups of people whose parents had divorced before age 18 versus those whose parents had remained married. The people whose parents had been divorces were more likely than the others to have experienced suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives. However, the difference between men and women in each category was dramatically different.

Men whose parents had divorced were up to three times as likely to have experience suicidal thoughts than other men, which the difference between the groups of women were much smaller. The authors of the study point out some factors that may help explain the results:

  • Women in the general population are more likely than men to have suicidal thoughts
  • Until recently, mothers were almost always awarded sole custody, and visitation rights for fathers were limited
  • This lack of a father figure may have had an intense effect on young boys.

In today’s society, men are much more likely to play a greater role in their children’s lives, even after a divorce. The authors also say that the results of the study are no reason for divorcing parents to panic– the vast majority of people surveyed had no suicidal thoughts at all, and most children learn to cope with a divorce in a healthy way.

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Can Facebook be used as evidence in a divorce case?

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Like most legal cases, divorce proceedings often require each side to present evidence. Some of that evidence may come from Facebook.

For instance, if a spouse claims that he was not having an affair, the other spouse may be able to use photos or other information from Facebook to invalidate the claim.

Because the photos exist, however, does not mean that they necessarily can be used as evidence. The use of Facebook information as evidence depends on various state laws and can be handled by an experienced attorney.

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Woman sues divorce attorney for incompetence

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A Jeanette, PA, woman is claiming that her lawyer cost her approximately $122,000 due to his failure to freeze assets in her husband’s retirement fund.

The woman filed suit this Wednesday in Westmoreland County Court against her lawyer, alleging negligence and malpractice.

According to court documents, while the woman was involved in divorce proceedings with her husband, she informed her attorney that her husband had a Pennsylvania State Employees Retirement System account with $242,855 in retirement money.

The suit states that the lawyer “did not seek or otherwise obtain an injunction … or any other appropriate judicial intervention to prevent plaintiff’s husband … from removing the assets within his retirement account.”

The husband removed all the money from the account during the summer of 2008 and spent it “frivolously” for the next year before dying in August 2009. The cause of death is not explicated in the suit.

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